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You Can PPT Too! (Part Two): Useful Shortcuts With SHIFT

Well, the second part took longer than I thought it would. Hopefully with some down time now, I can get the other parts out sooner.

So onto the main topic, in this article, I will talk about some useful and convenient ppt shortcut features, powered by a simple but useful key - the SHIFT key. Some of these may already be familiar to seasoned Powerpoint masters, but may not be immediately apparent to new users. If you know of any other tricks, I would love to hear from you in the comments :)

Let's start off by running through the more well-known uses for SHIFT:

Selecting Multiple Objects

This should be quite straight forward. Hold down SHIFT key and select your objects, either one by one, or click and drag across the slide canvas to cover the objects you want. To finetune your selection, you can continue holding down SHIFT and click on individual objects that you want to add into or remove from your selection.

Drawing Straight Lines

Hold down SHIFT key and draw your line. It can be vertic…