December 11, 2018

How to Control Xiaomi Web Camera Sharing Permissions

This post came about as a result of another earlier post on How to share a Xiaomi webcam/video camera to multiple Mi accounts. A reader wanted more privacy control over his web camera after being shared with other accounts but could not find the necessary settings. After a few back and forth, it got apparent that even across Xiaomi products, the level of controls are not consistent and I thought this was worth a post by itself to show where to find the settings and get more feedback on the inconsistencies.

To set the context, I am using Xiaomi Home Security Camera 1080p (it's the China website because not all products are available in every market, just compare the photo with your web cam).

The below steps have been tested and are same in Mi Home IOS versions 4.8.7 and 4.9.2, but I noticed differences compared to version 3.19.0, so do take note which application version you are using.

If you have a different Xiaomi camera model and do not see the below, please share with us by leaving a comment below. So far, Xiaofang camera does not have the permissions settings.

  1. In the Mi Home app, browse to the settings of the web camera which you want to change permissions i.e. this is a per web camera setting, not a Mi Home app level setting. If you are unsure how to locate the settings page of your web camera, check this post (steps 3 and 5).

  2. You should see the screen below. Choose "Share"

    Photo showing the web camera settings screen in Mi Home App
    Mi Home - Web Camera Settings Screen

  3. Choose the obvious option here:

    Photo showing the Share screen in Mi Home App
    Mi Home - Share Screen

  4. You get two options here: "Controllable" and "View Only". It seems the default is controllable and you need to change to view only if you want to restrict to purely viewing.

And that is the straight forward version, however it seems not all models have the permissions setting, so do leave a message if this is what you encounter.


  1. I'm using Mi Home IOS version 4.24.1, however I cannot choose "View Only" function. Although I adjust it to "View only" many times, it still automatically shows "Controllable". It makes me feel uncomfortable when others try to control my camera without my permission (I'm administraior). Do you know how to fix it? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Dan Thy

      I think I may have understood how that "Permissions of shared device" setting works. It is part of the setting up a new sharing process, i.e. It is asking the permission you want to give when you share to a new account and is not a blanket setting for all shares.

      What that means is when you are sharing to a new account, first choose the permission level at "Permissions of shared device", then proceed to "Share with Mi Account" and enter the account to share

  2. I also have the same issue. I have previously shared it with another mi account as "controllable". but now when i want to share to another account as "view only", it is always "controllable" no matter how many times i set it to "view only".

    1. Hi hh

      Please see my reply to Dan Thy above.