June 24, 2018

Powerpoint File Size Does Not Reduce Even After Deleting Slides

Updated 10 Jul 2018 - After some testing, I find that those "extra" template slides appear when you try to copy some slides and paste to another deck with "Keep Source Formatting". So if you frequently encounter this problem, you could be like me, often having to take content from different decks and piece together a customized deck for the work on hand.

If you work with Powerpoint slides a lot, you may have seen some pretty big slide decks, especially if it contains lots of photo or video content. This presents an issue when sending over email with attachment size limits. Most of the time, deleting slides or compressing content will help to reduce the size. 

If you had came upon this article after googling, you probably had just encountered a similar frustrating experience as me. Even after removing most of the content, the Powerpoint file size essentially remains the same. Most online posts revolve around talking about how to compress the ppt files. Not many discuss why certain ppt decks remain stubbornly big even after deleting content. The only closest I could find was this Microsoft Community post which did not help much.

Quick tip - A simple workaround I found to reduce Powerpoint file size was to copy the slides into a new ppt and save the new file. Beware that even though I had Copy and Paste with "Keep Source Formatting", I still sometimes encounter funny results, for example shape sizes becoming distorted. So do check through your final slides before sending it out or using for presentation.

June 19, 2018

How to Add Borders Around Images or Photos in Microsoft OneNote

Updated 10 Jul 2018 - Another quick tip, the steps below can be reversed, you can copy an image into OneNote first, select the image, and then choose to insert a 1x1 table, which will achieve the same result.

Ever since I started using Microsoft OneNote in my work laptop, I have found it useful for taking quick notes or just jotting down random notes while working.

One peeve I have is why Microsoft does not allow me to put borders around images. Sometimes, you just need the border around a picture to make the note readable, especially if it has the same white background as OneNote.

You would have thought this is a simple and straight forward feature. Word has it, Powerpoint has it, Outlook has it. Even Excel has it. So it seems all the main buddies of OneNote in the Microsoft Office Suite have this, except OneNote itself.

If you are like me and need the border, fear not - Tables to the rescue!