Installed Dot Net Framework Security Patches Repeatedly Prompts After Reboot

Recently my Windows 7 windows update kept prompting me to update dot Net framework security and quality rollup patch. It started off with KB4041083 for September 2017 and then later included KB4043766 for October 2017. No matter how many times I install, it will always show successful in "View Update History" but upon next boot up, I will get prompted again to install the same patches while other patches that I apply do not show up anymore.

I initially tried to download KB4041083 from Microsoft Update Catalog, which gave me 4 separate patches to download:

Two of them were already installed, one gave the error not required when installing. Only KB4019990 could be installed, which I did. After that, I went back to Windows Update and tried to install KB4041083 and KB4043766 again. Both still came back again after reboot.

I also tried to repair dot Net Framework from (Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Select the "Microsoft .Net Framework XX" and choose repair. Same result as above.

Finally, I went to download the dot Net Framework offline installer for the version I was using (dot Net 4.7) and uninstalled dot Net Framework from Control Panel. Upon reboot, I ran the offline installer, which still only gave options to Repair or Remove even though dot Net Framework has been uninstalled. I did a second Repair using the installer, which automatically installed dot Net. Then, I went to install the two patches and the two patches no longer shows up anymore after reboot.


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