September 24, 2017

How to share a Xiaomi webcam/video camera to multiple Mi accounts

Update 11/12/18: After a short conversation with peterherman in the comments regarding how to control sharing permissions, I realized two things. One, if you see different layouts, our versions are probably very different and its not just application home screen difference. Even the settings screens have changed, for example the screen caps below were from Mi Home IOS 3.19.0 but step 6 is no longer required if you are using a later Mi Home app version; Two, different Xiaomi web camera models may not have the exact same functions. So, these may explain why you would see different things from the screen caps below.

Update 12/9/18: Some readers have encountered issues with receiving invites, and solution given by ML and verified by Tan JJ suggests that both your source account and the account to share to needs to have the same region set to receive the invites. I now recall doing that step because initially the Xiaomi Home Security Camera that I wanted to register could not be found in the other regions except China, but it seems that now the device list is similar across different regions, so let me know if other regions works for you in the comment, otherwise try "Mainland China".

Recently got a Xiaomi Home Security Camera 1080p, needed to add it into 2 different Mi Home accounts. The setup process suggested that each device can only be tied to one account, so I had thought it was not possible. But after tinkering around a little, I found the "Share" function which does the job I need. This should also work for other Xiaomi video camera products like Mi 360 Webcam (Xiao Bai), Mi Home Security Camera 360, Xiao Fang Webcam 1080p, Yi Smart Webcam. Apologies that I have to link to the Chinese Xiaomi website, as the US and International websites do not seem to have any information on the Xiaomi webcam products.

By the way, side track and a little cool tip, if you have a Xiaomi TV and you install the Xiaomi app and log on to your account with the cameras, you can actually stream 4 cameras at the same time. Pretty cool feature that I found out. 

Back to topic, here's a pictorial guide on how to share your cameras across Xiaomi accounts: