Google Adsense Violation for Malicious Software

I recently received an email from Google Adsense, complaining of new violation on another website of mine.

In the last 24 hours:
  • New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found.

I was confused to say the least, as I have not been making any new posts or changes recently. Logging into my Adsense account to check "Policy center", (Adsense > Left Panel > Settings > Policy center), it shows:

"Violation: Malicious Software"

with a funny web address containing a random and unrecognized "" plus one of my post links. This left me with even more ???.

I also found that this weird address "" was now appearing in Adsense "My Sites" (Adsense > Left Panel > Settings > My Sites).

It had a greyed out tick in the "Verified site" compared to my other two sites like the screenshot below.

Note: The tick would be on the left of your website name if you had not expanded the view like mine.

As I am pretty sure that (1) I am the only one with administrative rights to my website, (2) I do not host any malicious stuff and (3) I do not know how this happened but I just want a quick way to settle this and get on with my life. Luckily, I found a straight forward method to set things straight.

Google Adsense Policy center
Google Adsense "My Sites" having a malicious website entry

Turns out to rectify this, I had to change my site authorization setting, by clicking on the 3 dots in the orange square above and choose "Site authorization". You should see something similar to below, click on the circle to enable (green) and save.

Google Adsense Site Authorization
Google Adsense Site Authorization

If you go back to Policy center now, there should be no more violations. Congratulations!


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