VNX SP connection error: "Error processing connection request. Please verify and re-enter your connection information"

This was a weird error which I could not find any discussion online. But for reference sake, I will post this up in case anyone else comes across this issue.

All of us had no issue using Unisphere GUI login to a VNX box, except for one particular user. He had no login problems through the Control Station IP address, but when he tried the SPA/B IPs, he got the prompt "Error processing connection request. Please verify and re-enter your connection information."

We were very puzzled as the rest of us did not have any issues with our login at our own workstations, but faced the same problem when using his workstation. We chanced upon the Java Console log and discovered that when he tried to login to the SP IPs, the log shows proxy connections were initiated and timed out while login to CS IP used direct connections and were ok.

The user tried changing the Java connection to use direct connection in the Java Control Panel (Control Panel > Java > General tab > Network Settings). And he was able to login through the SP IPs.

As I said, this issue was very weird and could have been a one-off case. It also did not make sense that connections to CS were ok but not to the SPs. On hindsight, I should have asked him to try "User browser settings" which was the default for everyone. I have seen EMC primus case discussing other possible reasons like VNX in degraded mode with such errors, but obviously we had no issues with the array itself.

With that, I shall leave this as a reference material.


  1. I have experienced this error on a new server. We had USC Managemer installed and when I tried to navigate to the EMC VNX SAN via its web console, I got a message, which I don't remember the exact text, stating that the wrong version of Java was installed. I installed the latest Java from Oracle and UCS works however the SAN console would not.

    Changing the Java Networking settings fixed the issue. It looks like it may have something to do with having an existing Java installation which causes the issue.

  2. Issue fixed after changing the network setting change to direct connection,PLease try if anyone is having issue

  3. Thank you. This solved the issue for me as well!

  4. I tried it but not working. Still i got same error


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