Access is denied error when using Celerra Management tool

I encountered an issue on customer's site when using Celerra Management tool. 


Working with one of the Wintel system admin on a server where the tool was installed, we tried connecting to one of the CIFS Servers, but were greeted with an error prompt "Access is denied. Extended Error. LDAP Provider 00000005.. (INSUFF_ACCESS RIGHTS)..."

To Resolve

The issue was due to lack of necessary privileges. The user account used to run the Celerra Management tool should be either:
  • A Domain Admin (for CIFS servers that are joined to domain)
  • Part of the Local Administrator group on the CIFS server (whether joined/not joined to domain)

Turns out that the Wintel SA working with me did not have Domain Admin rights and was not part of the Local Administrator group on the CIFS server either. We got another SA that had local admin rights on the CIFS server to run the tool and connected to the CIFS server as expected.


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