How to do internet tethering on iPhone without iTunes

*Update* 30/7/17 : The original links below are for a very old version of iTunes and I have removed them (the latest iTunes is 12.6.2), but the steps to download and extract the files are still relevant, and the iTunes website will auto detect your system version so that you do not have to worry about 32 or 64 bit installer. Do download the latest iTunes and extract the files. Other than winrar, you can use the free opensource tool 7zip also.

One good thing about the iPhone is I can use it like a modem and share its internet connection with another device like laptop or PC. The bad thing though is I have to install iTunes or the other device will not be able to "see" the iPhone as a modem.

Or is it really so?

Actually, the good news is the bloatware (iTunes) is not required to be installed. What is required are just the drivers. So just download the latest iTunes package, use a zip program to extract the contents (I used winrar) . 

There should be a few .msi files inside. Depending on your Windows 32bit or 64bit version, you will want:
  • AppleApplicationSupport.msi or AppleApplicationSupport64.msi
  • AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi or AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi

Double click both files to install, and *bam*... you can now tether your iPhone's internet connection with this device.


  1. Brilliant advice : ) worked a treat

  2. I get an error message saying that windows does not allow this installation.

  3. didnt work on win7

  4. Same problem here, I'm sick of iTunes desktop app already! But don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but your solution doesn't work for me (I have Windows 10 if it matters). Anyway, I found here an app that they call iTunes portable I guess this is the prototype of the UWP application that Apple keep promising to us for years. At least, it's easy to install, it's lightweight, it works good with my iPhone 6S and iPad mini 3 either, and it has very nice and smooth performance. Maybe you guys should try this one instead)


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