Welcome to TechRantz!

It took me some time to think of a good name, and more time to wait for a good deal on domain registration. But now that it is all done, I am glad to announce TechRantz as my blog's name!

Recently been busy learning how to do iphone programming. I did some reading on IOS programming, but gave up soon on the dry reads. What better way to learn a new language than jump right in? And that was what I did! 

But having gone through the learning process (and in fact still learning), I will advise beginners like me to have something in mind about what you want to do, and proceed from there. Otherwise, it is just blind following of tutorials which is not an effective way to learn (for me). It will be better to start with a small idea in mind, code some lines, compile and see errors, research online what's wrong, redo again and see your app slowly unfold before you.

I had been wanting to document down some of my thoughts after I get my first app ready, but with too many tabs opened on Firefox, I had underestimated the risk that one day, some of these tabs might not load up. I lost some of the websites that I researched to get ideas on how to do my programming. While I will try to reference the sites which I used to research on my programming, I probably will miss out some of them due to the above.

With that, I will start documenting down my experiments and experiences in IOS programming.


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