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Xcode: Problem with old files being referenced in cache

This shall be a quick one. I have encountered a few times where after renaming a image or audio resource file in my project, or replacing a file with a new version but same filename, the simulator still shows the same old files upon rebuilding. This is because Xcode does some form of caching of the resources. So to resolve, clean the cache! Xcode -> Product -> Clean

How to flash Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware

I flashed my Samsung Galaxy S2 twice. The first time was to try out a different firmware (2.3.3). That one went a little heart stopping initially, as my phone stopped flashing halfway, but in the end I was able to finish it on the second try. The second time I flashed, it was because I found the phone battery went down too fast for my comfort, so I wanted to see if a new version (2.3.5) was better in terms of battery usage. You will need: Firmware package for flashing Odin to do the flashing Samsung drivers (if you are having issues with "Gadget Serial" driver installation popups) I followed the main instructions from here: You can also download ODIN and the firmware you want from there. I shall be adding some extra comments to share the two experiences when I did this.

Xcode: How to add a new framework into my Xcode project

I figured I shall start documenting my IOS programming experiences with something simple but yet necessary. You will want to add new frameworks whenever you introduce things into your app that does not come with the default project package. So things like videos or audio will require their corresponding frameworks. Having said so, surprisingly it took me awhile before I found out how to do this for Xcode 4. There are articles telling you how to do this for Xcode 3 but not for the latest version.

Welcome to TechRantz!

It took me some time to think of a good name, and more time to wait for a good deal on domain registration. But now that it is all done, I am glad to announce TechRantz as my blog's name! Recently been busy learning how to do iphone programming. I did some reading on IOS programming, but gave up soon on the dry reads. What better way to learn a new language than jump right in? And that was what I did!  But having gone through the learning process (and in fact still learning), I will advise beginners like me to have something in mind about what you want to do, and proceed from there. Otherwise, it is just blind following of tutorials which is not an effective way to learn (for me). It will be better to start with a small idea in mind, code some lines, compile and see errors, research online what's wrong, redo again and see your app slowly unfold before you. I had been wanting to document down some of my thoughts after I get my first app ready, but with too many tabs opened o