May 15, 2011

USB Printing with DD-WRT

*Update* 30/07/2017 : As you can see, this guide is very dated, however I believe the general steps should still be the same as the helpful comments from readers mentioned below, though you may need to find the latest drivers and packages for your setup. Do give a shoutout if you used my guide recently and let us know if it still works! Some have also mentioned that JFFS2 may not be required now, although it was something I did back then.

I had recently switched my home router to a TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND and decided to make full use of my spanking new router by upgrading it to DD-WRT firmware. It was quite fun doing the upgrade process, but my main point for this post is not to talk about how to upgrade it, but to touch on one interesting feature that I had spent a little while getting to work - USB printing.

I have a Brother HL-2040 printer lying around in the house which has not been used ever since the com connected to it went dead. I have always wanted to try connecting it to my new router and share it across my home network, but never got around to actually doing it for the lack of a more compelling reason other than to do printing at home, which I can usually do in office. The push to do this came when my dad needed to print something.