My network connection is slowing down/stopping! (KB2509553)

I just had to blog about this issue which was a personal case that happened on my home XP x64 PC, rather than at work, but still, I believe it has the potential to cause problems in enterprise servers or applications too.

Recently, on and off my PC's network connection would slow to a crawl, sometimes coming to a total halt, other times even causing my PC to hang. Then I noticed it seemed to happen whenever I start programs that open lots of connections (read: Torrent). I suspected it could be something to do with TCP/IP and checked the event logs. True enough, I saw TCP/IP event 4226 errors whenever I started said programs.

This led me to recall anything done on my PC recently. Then, I remembered a recent windows update was done on my PC. I quickly checked through the list of newly installed updates and there it was - KB2509553.

According to MS, this patch is to address the issue of "Vulnerability in DNS Resolution could allow remote code execution". One of the listed files changed is TCPIP.SYS. Bingo!

I removed the patch and after a reboot, my network connection is working as it should again. I did a quick check online, seems no home users have reported this issue yet, although there are some enterprise application forums with people already flagging out issues since patching their systems with this update. If you are suddenly experiencing similar behavior on your systems, try to see if you are affected because of this patch.

You can also avoid getting this problem by looking out for this patch when running Windows Update.

More discussion on this patch here in MS article.


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