April 22, 2011

My network connection is slowing down/stopping! (KB2509553)

I just had to blog about this issue which was a personal case that happened on my home XP x64 PC, rather than at work, but still, I believe it has the potential to cause problems in enterprise servers or applications too.

Recently, on and off my PC's network connection would slow to a crawl, sometimes coming to a total halt, other times even causing my PC to hang. Then I noticed it seemed to happen whenever I start programs that open lots of connections (read: Torrent). I suspected it could be something to do with TCP/IP and checked the event logs. True enough, I saw TCP/IP event 4226 errors whenever I started said programs.

Whew... I am back!

Wow I just looked at my last post which was back in Dec, its been really awhile since I posted anything here. I had recently changed job with lots more focus on storage than my previous job. I have always thought storage will be the next big thing in IT, with all the cloud computing being the in thing today. Hence it was really fortunate for me to land an opportunity to further explore into this specialization.

I have also been busy with lots of other things, one of which was getting myself certified as VCP4. Glad to say I passed the exam on the first try and also received my VCP kit recently, which had a free VMware workstation license code provided for VCP certified members.

As I gradually settle into my new job, I hope to start having more time to work on this blog again, but first, I shall follow up on this post with another case that I just had to blog about.