Yeah its UP!

Welcome to my new blog!

As a relatively new tech guy, I must say I had a great opportunity to land in a big, hectic customer environment as my first job. 

There, I get to come across many interesting or tough issues that always requires time to troubleshoot and resolve.  It is always satisfying to figure out what happened and the steps to resolve the issues, but more importantly, I have always wanted to setup a little techlog to jot down all these little experiences. The bookmarks and printed pages of documentation are helpful but are just not as portable as having an online techlog. It took me sometime to get going but I am glad to have finally get this up.

Hence this (not so) technical blog will form my repository to store and maybe share my random experiences with close friends and colleagues.

Together with this blog, I have also bought a domain name (my name!), which I have it setup to redirect to this page. I am still awaiting to see the results, hopefully it will work. 

While still awaiting for the invisible www hand to propagate my tiny website name across global dns servers, I am still as yet undecided whether to have this indexed and searchable in the big www. It may seem counter-intuitive having a blog but not wanting to have it exposed on the www, but to me, I really intend this for personal use, sort of like a online tech diary, and I am not an attention guy, so this is really something that I will need to decide in the next few days.

But in the meantime, I shall get started on my first real tech post!


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